Cash acceleration strategies

Cash acceleration strategies Because cash is king, we thought we would start off the new year by setting out some useful tips on how to accelerate the flow of cash through your business. Understand your cash conversion cycle (CCC) Being able to improve how cash flows through your business requires an understanding of your cash conversion cycle. Your cash conversion cycle measures how long it takes for a Rand spent…  Read more

5 Ways to help your small business thrive.

How has Covid-19 affected business and what have we learnt.Small businesses are the backbone of our community. Although they are resilient and creative, they are also vulnerable.In June 2020 Xero commissioned The Next Chapter for Small Business study by Forrester Consulting to uncover the impact of the pandemic on small businesses and how they responded.These are the 5 key recommendations to help small businesses recover and to help them build…  Read more

Do Good and Save on your tax

How about doing good and saving on your taxes? If you donate to a company that is on the SARS list of Public Benefit Organisations, you might be able to claim back on your donation.The donation you make needs to be to a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), which can be a not for profit company (in terms of the New Companies Act) or any other association that has registered with…  Read more

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