EVERYDAY IS MONTH END |YEAR END   With another tax year-end rolling over, every accountant and business owner will be thinking of year-end, and what that means to them. We thought it would be a good idea, to explain what it means to us. If things are done correctly, year end should be just another day, and nothing to be feared. Sure, there is provisional tax to pay, and an…  Read more

Forming A Routine

Getting a grip on your numbers can seem like a daunting task – especially if you are carrying some sort of an aversion from your school or varsity days.  In my last two posts I discussed why it is so important for a small business owner to stay on top of their business finances. I pointed out the difference between the value your accountant adds vs. the value you can…  Read more

“Not a numbers person”, I hear you say????

I’ve been exposed to the corporate environment for over ten years, and only recently joined 118Accounting – a cloud accounting start-up.  Many people say that they are not numbers people or that they just didn’t understand the numbers. “Leave it to the bean counters”, they said. What really stands out to me is the number of directors/executives and department heads that have the same philosophy. There are a few critical…  Read more

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