Cash acceleration strategies

Cash acceleration strategies Because cash is king, we thought we would start off the new year by setting out some useful tips on how to accelerate the flow of cash through your business. Understand your cash conversion cycle (CCC) Being able to improve how cash flows through your business requires an understanding of your cash conversion cycle. Your cash conversion cycle measures how long it takes for a Rand spent…  Read more

Cash Flow Advice for Small Businesses

Solid cash flow management is vital to ensuring your business survives, but not everyone understands what cash flow is or how to manage it. That’s likely what makes it a leading cause of stress for small business owners. In fact, a Capital One study found that 42% of small business owners say cash flow management is a major concern for them. Cash flow refers to the movement of money into…  Read more

Xero Expenses

  XERO EXPENSES  If your operations involve any of the following:  Reimbursement of daily/weekly expenses,   Reimbursement of mileage claims,   then Xero Expenses is for you.   Xero Expenses is a claims management tool that connects directly to your accounting software, saving small business owners countless hours of manually capturing shoebox receipts and cigarette box mileage claims.   With Xero Expenses, you and your employees can;  capture costs as and when they happen – simply snap or scan a pic of your receipt from your mobile phone (Android and iOS), complete the expense claim and…  Read more

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