Book review – Sweat, Scale sell by Pavlo Phitidis

My favorite book read this December break – Sweat, Scale sell by Pavlo Phitidis.

The book is jammed pack with golden nuggets of practical advice for any entrepreneur looking to build an asset of value.

Key takeaways;
– Great framework consistent with frameworks that I use (EOS | Scaling up). This is complimentary so it reinforces learning, but has a key focus that your business should be built to sell. Starting with that end game in mind provides a great framework to guide decisions to your “Asset of value destination”;
– The book includes a number of practical case studies where the framework was implemented, so I came away with some really practical insights for myself and my clients;

– And then of course a formula to summarize the learning
— The asset of value formula — A.I / [P.D.T]t

— P – Purpose and Positioning to solve clearly defined problems for specific groups of customers through predictable, crafted experiences;
— D – System of delivery that generates steady consistent sales, supported by reliable and organized operational delivery;
— T – Motivated team with the right people doing the right things at the right price
— t – Having the above in place frees up your time to focus on A.I
— A – Accelerating growth – selling new products or targeting new markets. NB – the key takeaway here is that this growth should not complicate your system of delivery;
– I – Innovation – led by your customer experience


Pavlo also has a weekly Youtube video series where he shares insights from his personal experiences with clients which I have found really insightful.

Definitely worth a read and a follow.

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