When your retail data talks to you!

When your retail data talks to you! 

I have met a couple of real data scientists in recent years, and I often hear them say, the data talks to me! Well not really, you know what they are really saying is that they see patterns in the data that others can’t see. I think I have figured out how they do it….listen up. 

  • It starts by developing a theory based on: 
    • past data – weekly,  monthly patterns,
    • knowledge of your own environment and your own customers
  • You use that data to implement operational disciplines in your business to make your customers experience of what you sell them better; 
  • If they like their experience, they buy more from you, if they don’t like it, they buy less 
  • Feedback loops to tell you whether your theory was correct.  
    • Did my sales react in line with my expectations then yes, keep doing it!  
    • If no refine your theory and your operational disciplines to improve your customers experience of your business until you see the results that you want; 
  • In this way you build a model of data patterns that you expect, and you will get to understand your data better.  
  • If your model is built correctly, it should just highlight exceptions, and this is when the magic happens, this is when your data talks to you! 

At 118 we have a dream, a dream to automate your administrative chaos and convert that chaos into order. We then convert that chaos into data. We then help you build models with your data to help you understand your business and provide platforms to you that shows you the insights, so that you can make your customers love you. 

Contact us at www.118accounting.co.za or 0824106818 for a quote! 

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