Automate your accounting processes for insights!

Another jewel in the Xero app eco system is Spotlight reporting. Working with tools like Spotlight connects with our purpose for being in business. We create order out of your paperwork chaos, automate and simplify the recording of that data using tools like ReceiptBank. Once that data is in Xero, we can connect your financial data seamlessly to tools like Spotlight to give you great insights.

Let’s explore how we do this a little bit further:


Accounting at its core is about capturing and then accurately classifying your data into the dimensions that make sense to you as the user. Some may say that it is a necessary evil to get you to the insights.


Just getting a view of your historic financial data will often tell half the story, or possibly no story at all. What the exercise requires is a link to other operational systems, the ability to connect that data accurately, and then time to analyse the data to identify patterns and theories. These theories can then be used to predict the future, and then put action plans in place to change the future. This is where the magic happens!


These insights enable us to tell stories, and it is these stories that generate meaningful business conversations that lead to better business decisions which increase the odds of better business outcomes.

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